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Bears have been on my mind for a couple of weeks now, ever since one was reportedly seen in our neighborhood – crossing our yard, in fact. I hope that if we do meet a bear, that it is an old bachelor – preferably jolly of disposition and running to fat – and not a mama bear. Sources online differ about whether female black bears are aggressive, but I’d rather not take a chance!

Things are getting hairy here in the mountains

North Carolina has its own Bigfoot – a creature called Tsul ‘Kalu by the Cherokee, a term which roughly means “slanted eyes”, and refers, some think, to a creature like Bigfoot.  Well – guess what we found today in the backyard.

The footprint:

None of us have feet this big.

None of us have feet this big.

Next, someone – or something – had taken an enormous bite out of a half sandwich left on the porch overnight:

Apparently Tsul 'Kalu doesn't like crusts either.

Apparently Tsul ‘Kalu doesn’t like crusts either.

Finally, look what we found stuck to the garden gate!

If we ever meet him, I may ask him what conditioner he uses.

I think that my oldest would be delighted to meet Tsul ‘Kalu. And if Tsul ‘Kalu happened to have a pet unicorn, his cup would overflow with delight.


This is a bit late for an April Fool’s day post, but we’ve had a busy long weekend. I hope you all had a good one.

Of bears and cubs

We said goodbye today to our little vacation rental and got down to the business of moving into our new house. It was a great little spot, the vacation cabin, nestled in the mountains; a little remote, but not too remote, with a stream for stomping in and stirring with sticks. If you are ever out in these parts for a while I’d highly recommend it.

I missed my usual posting because of lack of Internet; but even if I’d had Internet I might have missed it, for the need to go to bed to wake up before any of my small ones got up and wandered outside and had a run-in with a bear. We have been warned about bears, that they are regular nighttime visitors and scroungers. I was secretly filled with glee to hear about this, and took the first opportunity to say, “Wait! Don’t go off – you don’t want to get eaten by a bear, do you?” You might think this is wicked of me; but it’s true, I don’t want them eaten by bears (however remote the possibility actually is) – and in addition, any extra helps I get to keep my children from wandering off I will gladly take.

I’ll have a more usual post up later this week. I have some fun drawings set to come.

Carolina morning

Visible through the upper window is a tired mom, huddling under a blanket and futilely wishing the birds would go back to sleep.

On clear mornings here in the mountains, just as the first light of the sun begins to fill the sky, the birds start to sing. Many different species tweet and twitter and call; the result is varied, and loud.

Sometimes the neighborhood dogs join in. There are at least four of them, and they take their duties in life very seriously, and bark at everything that moves.

After some time the birds leave off – maybe they go to breakfast – and silence returns. But by then it is too late. I am awake, and more pertinently, so is the baby, padding around the house in his sleeper, calling, “Moooooooooom?”

I wish I could say that at this hour of the day I am seated at the kitchen table, drinking a meditative cup of coffee, waiting for the little ones to wake up.  Alas, it just isn’t so. Eventually I will get into a good early rising routine; then I might experience daybreak’s never-ending glory with a less jaundiced eye.