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Go light for Christmas


The Holiday Juggernaut

Christmas can be a time of so much pressure and stress. Christmas linens, Christmas centerpieces, Christmas food, Christmas outfits for Christmas parties, Christmas cards, Christmas stamps, wreaths, stockings, a tree, lights, the perfect present for one’s spouse, the perfect presents for one’s children, and for grandparents, and for holiday visitors, and for the boss, and for one good friend, and for that other one too, and finally under the growing weight the beleaguered soul wants to sit down and shout I don’t have enough to give!

But, we do. We have more than enough.

Two women in my moms’ group conceived of a brilliant plan, to bring materials to the weekly park meeting so that the children could make Christmas cards to send to the residents of a local nursing home, especially since some of those residents might not get many visitors this year, if any.

“Be My light,” the Missionaries of Charity sing. “Take Me to the homes of the poor, for I cannot go alone.” Old age has a special kind of poverty all of its own. I do believe that the light of Christ is going to be carried to the Veterans Home of California this year, in little cards made by little children.