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Intimations of future laundry

My heart does flips when I behold

The peas and carrots fly:

So was it when I first began;

So is it with each little man;

Shall it be so ’til I grow old?

I heave a sigh!

The Child is father of the Man;

But now, I find my days to be

Filled to the brim with piles of stained laun-der-y.

* * *

Forgive me Mr. Wordsworth, wherever you are. While chatting with my brother on the phone this weekend, I paused to bellow gently at the children: “Stop eating like The Cookie Monster! I am tired of cleaning up the mess!” My brother laughed wickedly; but I forgive him because he has small children too and suffers similar things.

Always read labels carefully


“Soylent green is people!” Have you seen that movie with Charleston Heston? That actor troubled me when I was a child, because my ideal of masculine beauty was Roy Rogers – next to him I thought Charleston Heston looked odd.

Some months ago I did a 30 day “detox” diet which forbad many kinds of food. I bought a bottle of salad dressing much like the one above (though without people in it). It excluded many things. I made my melancholy way through it – I even carried on for a while after the diet was over – but at last I rebelled and washed the rest down the sink.

I saw a sign outside a fast food restaurant recently which read, “AN APPLE TURNOVER A DAY WELL THEY’RE DELICIOUS.” There is something to that.