Eat or be eaten…

Personalized cups for two of our boy-animals

Several weeks ago our three-year-old began a routine of asking each morning, after hopping out of bed, “What animal should we be today, Mommy?” Each day we’ve been a certain kind of animal – he the animal boy, and I the mommy. After a while our five-year-old joined in (mostly he has remained one animal – a mouse.)

A couple of months ago the subject of the tiger’s diet came up, and I told the boys that tigers hunt and eat other animals. Our three-year-old laughed with the comfortable assurance that mommy was being very silly: “Tigers don’t eat animals!”

“What do they eat, then?”


Fast forward to today. As I was putting Lion boy’s socks and shoes on his feet, I saw that he was happily pretend-chewing a pretend-something.

“What are you eating, Lion boy?” I asked. “A snake?” He shook his head. Then I remembered our prior conversation. “Grass?” He nodded cheerfully.

Oh, my. I have two sons now who would greet a ferocious animal with “Hail friend, well met!” I think it’s time to introduce “Never Smile At A Crocodile” and perhaps discuss the law of the jungle.

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