Fuss bus


You’ve heard of a freedom train? Our house is frequently visited by the fuss bus. If you or I were teething, tired, hot, and had officious persons changing our clothes at all hours, we’d probably get on the fuss bus, too.

A wonderful thing which has me tickled pink is this – if the baby is fussing in the car, he will stop if his big brother sings to him.

“Words fail! Buildings tumble. The ground opens wide. Light streams down from heaven – she stands before my eyes. She’s actual size, but she seems much bigger to me (SIZE!) Squares may look distant in her rearview mirror, but they’re actual size, as she drives awaaaay!”

I should probably teach him some lullabies.

4 thoughts on “Fuss bus

    1. Maria Post author

      Thanks very much Russell – I admire your work a great deal, so a word from you means a lot. I have the hardest time relaxing and not obsessing when drawing. That’s not an common difficulty among beginners, I understand. But I’ll keep on keepin’ on. Thanks again.


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