Seed, soil, and insects

A beautiful seed catalog cover (image source)

A beautiful seed catalog cover by Beatriz Carmen Mendoza (image source.)

Isn’t this seed catalog cover lovely? You can see more of the artist’s works here. What initially caught my eye in this picture is the creature in the upper right hand corner. My father-in-law and I last week saw a curious thing – a creature that moved and had a tail like a hummingbird but had a body, wings, and antennae like a bee. We were perplexed, having never seen anything like it. I googled “hummingbird bee” and found out that it is what’s known as a hummingbird moth.

My wonderful father-in-law built a raised bed for us while he was here. I have been planning a vegetable garden, digging in the dirt and learning about the soil in these parts. Some dry levity from the cooperative extension service:

“Well-aged manure is an excellent soil amendment material… Once it is sufficiently composted, manure has no ‘barnyard smell’. A load of fresh manure in your driveway, however, may raise some concerns among your neighbors.”

I have two small helpers, aged 3 and 5 years. Our three-year-old, as he turned over dirt beside me, with his little spade, kept saying, “Thank you for helping, Mommy.”  Today our five-year-old broke up dirt clods with me, then had a very thrilling time with his brother running around being scared by the great big gusts of wind that made the trees creak.

8 thoughts on “Seed, soil, and insects

  1. Phoebe

    Aw, Good for you helping your boy with the gardening. LOL! Hummingbird moths are bizarre little creatures, we recently discovered those at a friend’s house- they seem to like ginger flowers.

    1. Maria Post author

      Are ginger flowers attached to ginger root? You see what a novice gardener I am! Yes, hummingbird moths are startling looking creatures.


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