New shoes


Yesterday I spent a silly amount of time online looking for The Shoes to Solve All Problems; that is, the shoes that will make me beautiful, unlock my inner vitality, and make life so much better!

I read once about a philosopher, I don’t know who, who would go window-shopping to rejoice at all the things he didn’t need. I didn’t set out to do that but the end result is the same; it’s nice to know that I don’t really need new shoes.

4 thoughts on “New shoes

  1. Julie

    Been there, done that, about a million times. Well, actually I have actually bought the Whatever, and THEN discovered it didn’t do what it promised. I love how you identify the human condition, make me feel less alone.

  2. The Arts Reader

    I go shopping for shoes that I don’t really need all the time! It usually takes trying on 50 pairs of uncomfortable shoes at the store to realize that I don’t need a new pair. I love the feeling of putting on my own shoes after an unsuccessful shoe shopping excursion. Slipping into an old pair of shoes always feels like “home.”


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