Sprang’s done sprung


We made it! We moved!

At church this weekend I told one of our ushers where our new house is. His eyebrows shot up.

“You’re in hillbilly country now!” he exclaimed.

I’m not sure that I know exactly what a hillbilly is. Judging by our neighborhood, keeping old upholstered armchairs on the porch may be an indicator. And perhaps the 8 by 10 foot banner that says COUNTRY BY THE GRACE OF GOD is a clue.

“But maybe you like that?” he added.

I nodded. “Yes!”

“Well,” he said, “some of them are good folks.”

Spring has sprung – it came like a covert operation – a crocus here, a daffodil there, then boom, the hills are covered in green. Now we can go out and meet some of our hillbilly neighbors. What will they think of us?

UPDATE: So the banner mentioned above is really only about 4 feet by six feet. I guess it left a big impression on my mind.

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