Baby bulletin

Meet my alarm clock


Our baby has discovered his feet, and it is super cute to watch him grab them. He is getting better at rolling over and holding up his head, and he has added a new sound to his repertoire. In addition to the hungry, sleepy, etc. cries, he now does a sort of good-natured grousing, as if to say, “What’s it take for a baby to get a little attention around here??”

Shaken, not stirred


It is a truth universally acknowledged, (really – ask any mother you know) that many sleepy babies like to be joggled, jostled, or otherwise lulled by motion into sleep. In our house mommy can often be seen doing weird little dances with baby to achieve this end.

Ninja baby


Silent? Yes. Hidden? Yes. Assassin? Well – he can counter a bad mood with lethal force. Q.E.D.

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