Texas, y’all’s Texas

I’m back! Did you wonder if I’d ever write again? I wondered myself.

Last week we returned, after a brief sojourn in Texas, to Gramp and Granny’s house. “Back from the ‘Holy Land’?” Gramp enquired.

I was a little shocked; it is funny, but the expression seems irreverent. My husband told me it’s an old saying.  It’s true that many Texans have a state pride that’s outsized compared to that of other states’ inhabitants; “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” after all. My own home state’s not like that so much. I imagine that in moments of leisure its people are more likely to be contemplating a post-retirement move to Arizona, than the virtues of our fair state.

My mother-in-law illustrated two coloring books about the state of Texas during the 70s. I saw them for the first time last week, and they are delightful. Here’s a sampling:


CavernsofSonoraI wish I could post all the drawings here! I love her illustration style. We, luckily, get to see it now and then in letters, and when she draws for the children when she visits.

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