…check all the pockets!


A day or two ago I was putting clothes in the dryer from the washer and found a pair of pants with a piece of bread on it. “How odd that that stayed stuck on!” Then I looked in the washer and saw bits of bread all over the place – it turns out that somebody had stowed a bit of croissant his pocket, and it got disseminated over everything in the washing machine.

When my German-American grandmother turned 100 (or maybe it was 100-something; she lived to be 108 years old) she was interviewed by a local paper. The interviewer asked her what innovation from her lifetime she appreciated the most, and her reply was, “The washing machine.” Could you imagine hand-washing clothes for large family – not to mention the cooking, and washing up – or walking 9 miles to church? Yet more reason not to complain!

4 thoughts on “Always…

  1. Julie

    Maria I love this drawing – it is simply perfect. As to bread — ouch, but better than Styrofoam, Kleenex, Play-doh, or INK. All of which I have looked on with a sigh at one time or another.

    1. Maria Post author

      Thank you Julie:) Oh no, ink!! We’ve had Kleenex, too. And styrofoam is so hard to collect once it’s in pieces.


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