Butterflies and Pan’s pipes


On Sunday we went to Transylvania County, “Land of Waterfalls.” We _tried_ to go for a hike – and we succeeded, somewhat. After a few attempts by the smaller boys to go off-trail, I decided to call it a goodly walk and go back to a still part of the river we were visiting. (My oldest did his best to help me keep the boys on the trail. However, if they had to be in thrall to someone, the little boys preferred me to their brother, whose mode of discipline was to call the offending child’s name in ascending syllables, grab him, and put him in a headlock.)

I sat on a rock by the water’s edge and watched the boys play. Yellow and black butterflies flitted around, and the weather was perfect and mild. The boys wandered around in the water, looking at bugs, throwing rocks, finding sticks, and generally having a good time. I looked up at a bridge overhead, and was surprised at what looked like a perfect little set of pipes, Pan’s pipes. Then I saw all kinds of similar structures. I guess they are a common sight here (mud daubers’ nests) but they are new to me. I didn’t see any mud daubers though; only butterflies, and a tiny black snake.

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