Hooray, hooray, the book’s on its way


My lovely and redoubtable friend Kendra announced the book’s coming some time ago on her blog; but Michael suggested I wait before talking much about it until a few loose ends were tied up. Those loose ends are now taken care of, and I am happy to say that A Little Book About Confession for Children, written by Kendra Tierney and illustrated by yours truly, is now available for pre-order from Ignatius Press and Amazon, and will be available from Magnificat in early February.

4 thoughts on “Hooray, hooray, the book’s on its way

  1. Kathryn L

    Going to order it now! Reynard’s first confession is in March, so this is truly an answer to prayer. Please fill me in on your move! I hope it’s somewhere close to Louisiana???

    1. Maria Post author

      Hooray Kathryn, I am glad you are going to get it and Reynard is going to use it! We moved just this past week, to North Carolina – so alas, not too close, but closer anyway;).


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