Oooooh, Christmas tree


Yesterday we decorated the tree, the boys and I. The following became clear (though I should have anticipated this): perfectionist mother + 3 small male children = a somewhat tense atmosphere.

Thomas wasn’t the trouble – he was as absorbed in the task as I, so both of us alternated shouting the following to our other two helpers: “Get off the ladder! Put that back! DON’T DO THAT!”

Last year Johnny was 9 months old when we decorated the tree. While I remember placing fragile ornaments high out of his reach, that was about the extent of our babyproofing the tree. This year, he discovered two things for himself – that taking ornaments off the tree is as satisfying as putting them on; and that in terms of size, shape, heft, and bounce-ability, he could not have custom ordered a better projectile than round, plastic globe ornaments.

We have now established Christmas tree rules and relative peace reigns. Next year however, I do believe that the management of this task is going to be delegated to Daddy.

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