Gargantuan masters

I grow old . . . I grow old . . .
I feel a disposition to scold

The actor Patrick McGoohan, of Secret Agent and The Prisoner fame, said, “I am not against romance on television, but sex is the antithesis of romance. Television is a gargantuan master that all sorts of people watch at all sorts of time, and it has a moral obligation towards its audience.”


Often lately I find myself imitating this trademark facial expression of his. It’s not on account of television though, but of other species of media.

Before I had children, whenever I came across an indecent advertisement, I simply ignored it. Now, frequently when I am driving along, minding my own business, I find myself assaulted by a large advertisement for Bebe, or worse, American Apparel; and I practically jump out of my skin, in my impulse to shield my children’s eyes.

Another “gargantuan master” which irritates me is a certain subset of the typical glossy woman’s magazine. The grown-up content within the attractive covers of some of them make me unwilling to have them in my house, in case my little avid reader should pick one up and be introduced to stuff he absolutely doesn’t need at his age.

I guess I’m getting old. But I think in this instance, my vision is getting better, not worse.

On another and happier note, I hope you had a happy feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Patroness of the Americas, pray for us. 

2 thoughts on “Gargantuan masters

  1. Julie Ashton

    This is why I think that awful female in the book of Revelation is, ultimately, Hollywood. Which to me represents the whole thing you are talking about. The Every-where-ness is like a cancer, a poison fog —Only the Lord Jesus can rescue us, over and over. Thanks for this posting!


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