Christmas is coming, help!

A few years ago my wonderful sister-in-law Phoebe gave me a cookbook for Christmas, called The Secrets of Jesuit Soupmaking. I opened it last week and discovered the following in a reflection on Advent by Brother Rick Curry, S.J.:

How do we wait for God? We wait with patience. But patience doesn’t mean passivity. Waiting patiently is really not like waiting for a bus or for rain to stop, it’s an active waiting, in which we live the present moment to the full. . .

Waiting patiently also means paying attention to what is happening right before our eyes, and seeing the first rays of God’s glory coming. This is Advent. Our life is a perpetual advent, waiting for the full coming in our lives of the Lord Jesus. . .”Wait for the Lord, take courage, be stouthearted, wait for the Lord.”

I highly recommend my friend Kendra’s post on her family’s observation of Advent – the steps they take together to keep Advent a time of peaceful, attentive waiting, and avoid being bowled over by the juggernaut of the American “holiday season.”

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