Happy Thanksgiving

Often, when I stop and take stock of myself, I find that I am riddled with worry.


This is as comfortable as it sounds (and looks) – which is to say, not very.

I headed up our street this morning while it was still dark for a morning walk. “O Lord, I place myself in Your presence” – I learned that long ago, as a way to begin prayer.  This morning as I looked up at the shining sliver of moon, the last word changed in my mind to presents – “Lord, I place myself in your presents!”  I was delighted, because my morning walk is always filled with presents – like hooting owls, roosters waking up, quiet lit porches, and beautiful trees and flowers. What fun is it for the giver of gifts if the recipient is always so harried that he (or she) ignores the gifts to focus on their worries? I’m often guilty of that, especially as the day gets busy.

I didn’t recall that today is Thanksgiving Day until I got home. I sat outside and watched the clouds turn from pink to white. Often one comes across various written things, like ads and mass emails, that refer to thankfulness at Thanksgiving, but the thanks are not directed at God, but given out in a generic fashion. This is in deference I gather to the many people who do not believe.

I do feel for them. God is hard to see sometimes. He often doesn’t reveal Himself in striking, flashing ways, but rather in a tiny breeze, as with Elijah. I often wonder why He chooses this way; but I am sure it is all right.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. carol laurence

    My friend has said God is so romantic and he is . His gifts are so amazing. I figure I am so humble that i should not worry as God who loves us so much will take care of every thing. I cant stop smiling today. I am so thankful for so many gifts and you and your family are certainly among the best. i have so much I can learn from you all. Love Carol



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