Ninja Mom – an explication

Michael asked me a while ago, why Ninja Mom?

Well – for one thing, “ninja” has more cachet than “wallflower,” which is how I usually identify myself.


In addition, it’s hard to be special helper to the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, AND Santa Claus without employing at least a little stealth and subterfuge.


I wonder if regular ninjas get as little sleep as ninja moms.

I’ve mentioned already that I find the image of the soldier a good one for understanding the Christian life. Mothers, and Christians in general, are servants and servants tend to be invisible agents. So, soldier + invisible agent = ninja, right?

I did a google search for “ninja mom” and found many women who identify themselves in one way or another as a ninja mom. This discovery was a little embarrassing (“Shoot, I guess I’m not very original”) but mostly comforting (“Shoot, I guess I’m not very original.”)

But Michael persisted – should a mother be invisible? Sneaky? Subtle?

Maybe not.  But it’s more fun to draw a ninja doing something, than just a regular person.

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