To each his own

Anthony is our music lover.  All of the boys like music – probably most children do – but Anthony seems genuinely to love it.  He spends a lot of time singing and will happily play in the living room listening to music for long periods.  He likes many things, from “Five Speckled Frogs” to Bach’s Prelude No. 1 in C major.

Here he is listening to "Bruder Jakob" ("Frère Jacques")

Here he is listening to “Bruder Jakob” (“Frère Jacques”)

Speaking of that Bach Prelude – one day Anthony and I were in the living room while this piece was playing on our computer.  I started to sing Gounod’s “Ave Maria” along with it.

Anthony walked up and looked at the computer, then at me, then at the computer again, amazed.

Taking my cue from this, I put on a recording of Maria Callas singing Gounod’s “Ave Maria.”

Anthony stared at the computer screen, completely transfixed, until the song was over.


I put it on again, and the effect on Anthony was the same.  He listened, rapt, rooted to the spot, until it played through a second time.


On the fifth or sixth repetition of the song, Thomas bounded into the room and leaped onto the sofa.

“Can we do, ‘Bada dada bada dada, bada dada bada dada BAT MAAAAAN!‘  Can we do that music?”

I hope that, when they are older, if one loves drawing and one loves music, that they will share their loves and mutually benefit from them, and not each think the other is nuts.

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