I have always been a fan of my brother Charlie’s photography. Thus I was excited to hear from my mom and my brother John that Charlie had been making a work of art a day and posting them on Facebook.  I really wanted to see them, and as I am not on Facebook I contacted Charlie and he graciously sent me some samples.  Charlie wrote on Facebook, “I am truly deeply jealous of people who can draw and paint so I’m gonna try every day until I can, too.”

I give you ElCoyoteGrande:

CharlieSelfPortraitPhoto   CharlieDadPhotobyCharlie   

CharliePinkFlowersPhoto   CharlieFlowersPhotoPainting

CharlieBear   CharlieWolf

CharliePaintingBoats   CharliePaintingAnimalsMountain

3 thoughts on “ElCoyoteGrande

  1. Julie Ashton

    I should be more specific about the work of ElCoyoteGrande. These works have a strength of line and color and idea — I like the Definiteness, the movement of the lines, the vivid colors of the art works. The photographs are just interesting, and grab me for that reason, not for any real attraction to the subject matter.

    1. mollyblueeyes Post author

      I initially wrote a very glowing review of ElCoyoteGrande’s works, but Michael told me I’d better lay off, as I am a biased reviewer;)


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