Arty day

Thomas and I painted today, he at my desk and I at my easel.  He made some great pictures.  The first is “The Little Engine”:

little engine

Here is “Race Car”:


This is called, not surprisingly, “A Really Big Eye”:

big eye

The last one put me in mind immediately of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “transparent eyeball” – oh, how miserable I was studying his works in grad school, with a big stack of pragmatists to read after.  But that is a story for another day.  Thinking of graduate school also reminded me of my first encounter with that singular phenomenon which is a flying cockroach.  Brrrr.

Here is a snapshot of what mom (that is, me) was painting in the other room:


It’s my tiny St. Therese.  She is only three inches high (kneeling) in middle of a bigger painting.  She needs a cross in her hands but then she is pretty much done I think, and then on to finish the rest of the painting.

Three paintings in one day, to my one session of fine-tuning!  I need to learn to imitate Thomas’ confident style.

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