Cool paths

When the boys and I get in the van, we say (or rather, I say, hoping that they’ll pick it up) a traveling prayer. This Monday when we were all buckled in I began:

“Our Lady, Star of the Ocean, be our guide today; for all your ways are beautiful, and all your paths are. . .”

I stopped, teacher-style, waiting for one of the boys to chime in from the back.  Thomas obliged.

“. . .cool,” he finished.

The word I was looking for is “peace,” but I can give it to him that he got the general gist.

One thought on “Cool paths

  1. Julie Ashton

    I really needed this today, the beautiful writing and the wonderful drawing. I am praying you will continue this; the beginning is so full of joy, the joy of life and beauty. THANK YOU.


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